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Mommy Makeover

Time of  your life


The Mommy Makeover is a combination of procedures  to restore the Abdominal area and Breasts after pregnancy and beastfeeding. 

The physical changes pregnancy and breastfeeding have on the body can impact on the mothers physical appearance as well as how they feel about their bodies. 


Diet and exercise alone can not always achieve the desired results.  If there has been a loss of volume in the breasts, or there is an excess of loose skin it becomes necessary to perform a combination of procedures to restore these areas to as close to their pre-pregnancy appearance as possible.  


Depending on the needs of the patient this could involve doing a Breast Lift with an implant or just a Breast Lift.  A small implant may be necessary to restore fullness in the upper pole of the breast. 


Breasts size increases during pregnancy and during breastfeeding, this can result in drooping of the breast .  


Depending on the needs of the patient a Tummy Tuck or Mini Tummy Tuck would be performed. This would be decided at the consultation with Dr van der Poel. 


It is advisable to wait three months after breastfeeding or after pregnancy before performing the Mommy Makeover as your body needs time to adjust to the change in hormones and it can change the breasts.  

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