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Tummy Tuck

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Abdominoplasty or Tummy Tuck is the procedure to tighten the lower and middle abdomen by removing excess skin and fat in the lower abdomen and tightening the muscle to flatten the abdominal wall.  This is usually required by patients after pregnancy or weight loss.  Liposuction is performed on the hips and flanks.


The skin and fat from the umbilicus down to the pubis is excised and the umbilicus is repositioned after tightening the skin.  The muscles are sutured together in the vertical mid-line to flatten the tummy. The procedure is performed under general anaesthetic as an in-patient. You would spend two nights in hospital, the following morning the drains are removed and you will return home with your scar taped and wearing your pressure garment. You will be given pain medication to take home before leaving the hospital.


The scars are taped for six weeks and a pressure garment is worn for the liposuction and to prevent swelling of the anterior abdominal wall, and support the muscle repair.


In the first consultation Dr van der Poel will be able to get a good idea of the patient’s concerns, as well as their expectations of the procedure. Dr van der Poel likes to see the patient for a second consultation in the week prior to the procedure to discuss any last-minute questions. Dr van der Poel takes time during his consultations to listen to your concerns and ensure that you are both on the same page.


You will see Dr van der Poel weekly for six weeks following the procedure for the scar to be taped, this is done to prevent the scar from stretching.  We recommend the RegimA Scar repair cream which is stocked at our rooms, this will be applied to the scars from six weeks post operatively.


When you make your booking you will be given pre-operative instructions which will include medications and supplements to avoid prior to surgery since they can increase bleeding.  Should you have any concerns or questions you are welcome to call the rooms or send an email and we will be happy to assist.

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